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Movie description: Levi got quite the surprise when the windshield repair agent came to make the fix. A tall, thin, hawt, golden-haired woman appeared from the repair van. They made some diminutive talk and looked at the damages. During the conversation, we learned that brynn was a widow with a young daughter. Levi's eyes lit up, as this chab now knew his mission. After the repair was done, brynn came inside to acquire the paperwork signed. But levi was not about to give her what this babe wanted out of getting what he wanted as okay. Brynn had been so enveloped in her job latterly that dating wasn't an option, so levi's advances were graciously accepted. Levi did his magic, and in a short time, we saw brynn's flexible wobblers and taut beautiful snatch. Levi made sure bynn got everything she is been missing and hit that pussy from each angle. Brynn's request to cum on her pussy was easily answered, as levi discharged his cum from her pussy to between her melons, covering everything in between.

Pornstar: Unknown