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Movie description: Alec stopped by the local park to kill some time, and it was his fortunate day. Paisley was sitting at a bench all alone looking extremely bored. Alec checked her out and learned that Paisley was locked without her apartment and had to expect four greater amount hours until her roommate got off of work. Alec suggested that they go hang out at his place that was close by. Paisley was very weary at 1st, but when alex offered to pay for her time, her eyes lit up and this babe became much friendlier. On the ride back to his place, Paisley gave alec a little example of what was in commercial center. Alec was pleasantly surprised and pushed his foot a little harder on the pedal. This pre-ride enjoyment have to have gotten her excited, 'coz one time they're at his place, Paisley quickly went to the bedroom and continued where she'd left off. This glamorous honey, alec in a short time discovered out, was worth each penny. Alex got anything this guy could out of her hawt body and obese asset in advance of he blew his cum. With a hand full of money, and a face full of cum, Paisley and alec talked about round 2.

Pornstar: Paisley Parker