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Movie description: We were cruising to the beach when jmac saw this wild hotty stretching off to the side or the road. This guy turned the car around with a quickness. We parked next to the rest area where that babe was and spied on her for a minute. She continued to stretch and give us a little show cuz when she saw us she just now turned around and bent over the show us how short her shorts were. We got our story jointly and moved in on her. As we walked up we realized just how smokin' sexy she was. We said her we were private trainers and wanted to give her some pointers. She was off set by the camera, but quickly brushed it off as we moved on with some other topic. She was glamorous open which made it facile for us to make our move. We gave some pointers on stretching when jmac and his one track mind got real raunchy with her. She did not miss a beat and went right along with it. She was probably greater amount sexual then him, but she didn't just open her legs like he would. We put a pair ideas in her head and after a minute or so, she went for it. She didn't back down for a 2nd one time we got back to our crib. She show her entire package, and it was astounding. Jmac was in fur pie heaven with emely and her constricted body. He tried to acquire her ineveryposition possible in advance of he exploded. Emely was a super vixen, and we hope to watch her jogging around city once more.

Pornstar: Emily Benjamins