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Movie description: It was just one greater amount day when peter stepped without the post office. That guy strolled past a redhead had the tiniest petticoat on. It was so petite it looked more like a scrunchy sort strap. That babe was staring at a pair of guitar parts as peter passed her. He spoke his 2 sense, and she responded with a little attitude. He stopped and apologized for his irrelevant comment. She was down on her luck and need a phone to check out where her ride was, so peter felt he should assist her out. After the quick call she discovered out her ride was not coming back, so peter took the golden opportunity to suggest her a ride. One time she was in the car peter got a little more generous. He gave her 600 in money. Her hot blue eyes light up with excitement. She may have been real young, but she knew there was a catch. Peter said her he wanted to screw her taut body. At 1st she wasn't having it, but the longer she held onto the wad of cash her mind started to connect with all the possibilities. She went for it, and they went to peter's home, the hotel that's. Naomi's tiny skirt was a just as tiny as her frame. She had the flawless face hole full pointer sisters with delicate pink nips. Her slit was so tight peter not quite came way also early. Naomi was a sexy alternative cutie living the lifestyle. She looked like a doll she was so sweet when she had her mouth open and eyes closed waiting for peters load.

Pornstar: Naomi Clark