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Movie description: Desiree was trying to fix her truck which had overheated when we showed up to assist her. We would have just passed by and not given it a 2nd thought, but when we saw her bent over peaking into the engine with some super skimpy shorts. We just had to come to the rescue and put the moves on her. We saw her humongous hooters when this babe turned around to greet us. Levi said her she should let her truck nifty down for an hour or so and head back to our place to await out of getting juicy since a storm was brewing. This guy massaged her when we got back to hq, and she was definitely interested in doing a little greater quantity than just a massage. We took the action into the living room and watched these sloppy floppies crash into levi all about the face and penis.

Pornstar: Desiree