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Movie description: Today a young hotty by the name of Ava came throughout today. And it was and wasnt a visit i wanted to have. For one i had some legal problems i hadnt taken care of so that babe came to give me some documents. But in the other hand this young thing was awesome. Her name was Ava and she had a body of a studhorse. Beautiful face,incredible meatballs and a voluptouis gazoo. So i like i was saying she comes to me with those papers and i just panic and run to the pool where she can not acquire me served. But this angel even chased me to the pool! So i knew it was on. She took off her raiment and went in. Then when she went in things got a little excited and got valuable from there. We decided to the take the show inside. And by the time i was done she forgot to give me what she came for... Have a fun

Pornstar: Ava Rose