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Movie description: Up and coming rap superstar, Isiah Maxwell, is visited by r&b diva, Karmen Karma, backstage after a show. That babe asks him if that guy'd wanna do a feature on one of her songs, telling him they can make plenty of cash jointly. Isiah is flattered and pretends to call his agent with a stack of bills. They laugh and begin to make out when Karmen rubs off one of his face tattoos and realizes it is a fake. Karmen calls him a poser and trash talks him. Isiah isn't taking any of her shit and stands his ground as a stud from the streets. Karmen challenges his pedigree, wanting him to prove he's what he claims to be. She sits on the ottoman and shows her dripping soaked bawdy cleft, daring him to do smth. Isiah doesn't hesitate to prove himself and dives in on her pussy, giving her each inch of his largest dick. Collapse