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Movie description: So we decided to acquire without our ordinary stomping grounds this week and try out a recent area. We trolled around down city and discovered this sexy model walking back to her hotel. That babe was super hot, she had fine skin, bushy hair and a body! I asked her what her name was, she said me her name was Payton. She told us she was coming back from an try-out that didn’t go so okay. Thats when a light clicked on in my head and i told her that i worked for an agency and that we were looking for top tier talent. She make no doubt of us 'cuz i had a camera. So i told her that if she got on the bus that we would interview her and get her giant break. Payton was an elementary catch for sure, she got in and in a matter of moments we already had her taking off her top, to watch if she was just right for a “bikini commercial” we were scouting for. Then we told her that the agency loves to see panites for their underware line. She took all the bait. Sure she was all shy about it at 1st, but she started warming up to the idea of being nude in front of a bunch of dudes. So much so that when she saw my homeboy ferrari naked behind her she started to blow his cock! And like that we had her!

Pornstar: Payton Banks