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Movie description: Santa was making his christmas eve rounds and showed up to a quaint and cozy home with great decorations and the ordinary thoughtful treat of milk and cookies for him. This guy started eating the cookies and when he went to reach for the milk he spilled the cup on the floor. He knew the noise would awaken the sleepyheads dreaming of sugarplums so he quickly looked for a hiding spot. Sophia Leone woke up her stepmother Alexis faux who decided to await for santa by sleeping in her step daughter's room. They investigated the commotion heard in the living room and discovered the spilled milk. As they cleaned up the mess in their skimpy pants and skin taut, white baby tees santa could not assist but whip out his yule log and have fun with his toy as he ogled the hot stepmother-stepdaughter duet on all fours. Alexis caught santa caressing his jingle balls and was understandably shaken and surprised. Santa apologized profusely for his slutty and lustful behavior but one time they one as well as the other got a wonderful look at santa's candy cane he had no thing to feel sorry about. They sucked on it in tandem and then Alexis rode it like that babe was on his sleigh. Sophia joined in on the reindeer games once santa had her in a from behind position and put her on his wicked list. Santa ended up busting his egg nog all over their cookies and then dashed away to finish his night in advance of christmas deliveries with a massive smile on his rosy cheeked face. Mrs. Claus is not gonna like this one bit if she somehow gets a hold of this update!