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Movie description: Bruce and ivan met 2 hotties at a party and were all set to take 'em back to the crib when bruce's car broke down. They ended up having to take the educate, and if it was not for what the girls heard about what bruce was packing, they would've bounced. One time at the abode, the wobblers and asses were nude, and one more party was on. Taylor and lucia were quite the couple with toned wild bodies and glamorous looks. They were a vision of hotty, and bruce was favourable as hell to acquire them the one and the other at once. The ladies shared his jock as they sucked and licked every final inch. This debonair duet worked it ok jointly until bruce was left exhausted, and they were left overspread in cum, which they continue to seductively take up with the tongue from each others bodies.

Pornstar: Taylor Reed