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Movie description: Natasha paid a moving lad to come to her place and move some stuff in her garage. One time that guy arrived, he noticed the job was a lot greater amount stuff to move then that babe said on the phone. He told her he might need more chaps to come assist. Natasha said she needed the work done now, and she didn't have time to await. He started moving stuff and then got tired, so he decided to sit down and soak in some sun. Natasha caught him and took him inside to talk. She told him he was priceless for no thing and a piece of wood. He explained that he had a piece of wood for her. In a short time after, she couldn't resist but grab his pecker. Natasha was impressed by his crotch timber and pulled his cock out and started sucking. He pulled off her clothing and revealed these biggest darling love bubbles and luxurious ass hole. Natasha got her snatch pounded and got dude juice all over her pretty tits.

Pornstar: Natasha Juju