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Movie description: Marco and Cherise were hanging out and flirting around. Marco was all over her ass hole. That babe had that thing wrapped up in some yoga panties that looked like they were intend to burst at any moment. She told she wanted to put on a costume, so we left marco in the living room. Cherise showed off her voluptuous body as she took off her raiment. She bounced her ass as she laid on the daybed. Marco came in and buried his face in between her buttocks. Needless to say the dress was not going to be put on. Marco continued to worship her ass as that guy smacked it around and slid his ramrod in between her cheeks. She turned and slobbered on his cock to get inside powerful and soaking juicy. She bounced her ass all over his cock and the bed. She had some serious roundness moving. There isn't sufficiently cum on the plantet to cover her ass, so marco blasted a s stream on her face.

Pornstar: Cherise Roze