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Movie description: Lia and her boyfriend, seth, were doing research for an essay that was due tomorrow. They in a short time realized that they were missing a book that contained critical information needed to complete it. Fortunately, seth'sfriendmark had a copy of the book. Mark lived an hour away and after comforting Lia by reassuring her that his stepmom was indeed kewl, seth went to pick it up. Lia was curiously attracted to mark's hot stepmom, Brandi, so this babe crept around the abode trying to discover her. She wanted to receive glimpse of Brandi's astounding hardbody but her plan went awry when she walked in the taskmaster baths and was caught red-handed by a exposed lewd stepmom who likes young fur pie. Lia attempted to come up with an excuse as to why she was in the master bathroom when there were 3 other bathrooms but she was cut off mid sentence and pounced on by Brandi. Lia admitted that she was attracted to aged chicks during the time that she was getting her charming pussy rubbed. Brandi had Lia soaked and beneath her complete control so she took her into the bedroom and began tongue fucking her. Brandi was caught with her tongue in Lia's constricted little butthole by her stepson who was in total shock. She just now grabbed him and said him to fellow up, join the joy or leave. Soon after seth realized that this guy was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, he joined his stepmom and girlfriend in an all out fuckfest.

Pornstar: Brandi Love, Lia Lor