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Movie description: Athina, Charlyse, renato, and tony were all trying to get inside a priceless workout. But the weights quickly got passed over for a greater quantity primal form of exercise. Those 2 european girls had the bodies and skills to get the party started. They were the one and the other fit, but still packed some bulky marangos and round full butts. Renato and tony started by exercising their tongues during the time that eating the girls out. Not to be outdone, the girls too got their oral-stimulation workout, as they both showed off their weenie sucking skills. This workout party truly gained momentum, as the group flowed into various sets of raunchy exercises while maximizing their reps. The session worked the muscles nicely with thrusting and produced a good pump for everyone. The guys provided protein shakes for the girls afterwards. Charlyse graciously drank hers down, as it dribbled down her chin, while Athinas got hers poured all over her wazoo.