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Movie description: I had one more coarse night that i'd like to forget and had to make sure i erased that part of the camera footage. Jimmy came over to pull me without the mess i made the night in advance of and hit the beach to begin new. We thought there was volleyball tournament going on but one time we got on to the beach there was not much in sight until we saw JLove walking towards us. It have to have been meant to be cuz this babe sat down one bench over from us. Since the volleyball was a bust we had to find out JLove's bust. Her biggest rack was popping out ofeverypart of her top. Her bikini was barley covering everything which was smth we couldn't pass on. We stepped over her way and started a basic conversation. We were after one thing, so we we asked the questions that would acquire us to our goal. Like always we wanted to fuck. JLove fit the profile in so many ways. After we got her thinking about how lame her spouse treated her, she was down to hang for a small in number hours before she had to pick up her daughter. She was looking for some attention, and we were looking for some one Just like her. After we got her back to the crib, we gave her the attention she deserved. We did things that made her vagina pop. She was loving all the attention and hard rod her husband not at any time gave her. She was beautiful much speechless after she got a sprinkler load discharged all over her.

Pornstar: J Love