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Movie description: Busted! Lily Carter's parents bought her a brand fresh car this babe was not supposed to drive 'cuz it wasn't insured, but she did in any case when they went without city, and she hit a parked car and took off!!! Worse, the car's owners spouse hunts Lily down and shows up at her abode to confront her!s He denies everything at 1st, but when this chab starts talkin' cops, Lily brings him into her house and admits everything.s He doesn't have the cash to pay for the harm, and her parents cant know about it, but she can suggest one thing to the marriedguy her wild moist face hole as a fuck-aperture for her his large jock.t He sexy college student copulates the man inexperienced until he blasts his biggest load on her face, forgetting about the car.h E already forgot about his wife.