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Movie description: While his ally is away manuel is staying at his abode. Hes relaxing in the pool when this guy gets a call from told friend. His friend informs him that his18year old sister, Rikki, might be stopping by to swim. Manuel doesnt watch any problem with the company of a young woman. Rikki shows up and to manuels surprise she's a thin, gorgeous blonde, with large billibongs. She jumps right into the pool and manuels lap. Shes a party angel and just wants to have some joy. She demands to see his wang. Manuel can not say no to such an irresistible opportunity. In a short time sufficiently shes sucking his penis and he eats her cunt, while she demands him to take up with the tongue and finger her ass hole. Rikki shows her hot side as she bonks like a veteran. Manuel is so pleased his friend let him stay here and will eagerly cum back any time.

Pornstar: Rikki Six