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Movie description: My o my! I hope u guys are willing for the update we've for you this day. Today we are joined by not 2 but 3 hawt euro babes and renato! Hes outnumbered and loving it! Those 3 babes desire no thing greater amount than to be banged by renato. The scene starts off with all 3 girls in the bathtub washing up previous to the party starts. Renato comes in with some champagne and gives every hotty a glass to sip on. Shortly after they drag him into the tub with 'em, with all his clothing on at that. That guy may have been a little upset at 1st but he totally forgot about it one time he started getting a triple orall-service. Thats right not a double but a triple blowjob! This is definitely one for your records people! Have a fun!