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Movie description: You ever smelled a captivating fart. Okay here on moneytalks we attempt to do just that. We've invented a fart freshner and havoc is on venice beach paying fools to test it out. On to the munchies, havoc is in a parking lot looking to pay anybody to make a vaggie burger. We pay this one boy to come back to our van and create his very own cunt burger with condiments and all. For the main show we are fishing for love melons in our bait and tackle commercial center. We have customers eating live shrimp, showing titties and putting fish down their panties for cash. Kaila enjoys money as well but there's one thing this babe enjoys a little greater amount. She walks in sweet as a button and open as hell. We give her the scoop and she has no problem fucking for money. She loves jmac and she loves schlong so we have a 2 for one specific. See as kaila gets reeled in and slides up and down our boys penis.

Pornstar: Unknown