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Movie description: There was a roomer going around the girls at school that i had a huge ramrod. I am not sure which gal started talking, but i'm happy that babe did. Jaslene caught wind of it, so she gave me her number at a party. We met up at her abode a not many days later and i was not sure why until she got me alone. She was hungry for some real fellow meat. She dropped her jaw in amazement when she took my shlong out. She left her face hole open and filled it with my cock. When it came time to widen her legs she got scared it would not fit. I eased it in and broke her in admirable and sluggishly. It wasn't lengthy after until she was bouncing on it like she was riding a studhorse. She loved it some much. She wanted me to suck my load unfathomable inside her young and delicate box.

Pornstar: Jaslene Jade