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Movie description: James had this unbelievably beautiful latin babe, Shay, who that guy was constantly flirting with and he decided to go visit her at her job one final time and seal the deal. He brushed up on his spanish 101 and finally brawny up the gumption to give it the old college try. Just when he started stumbling over his horrible spanish Shay let him know this babe spoke english. They hit it off but she still played hard to receive by mentioning how she had to close the commercial center and she wouldn't have time to hang out. James knew it was a slow day for her and offered to aid her close up early so they can fool around in the back. I don't know if it was payback for smth her boss did to her or if james just place in sufficiently flirt time with this gal to finally get her right then and there, but whatsoever the reason, james locked the front door and took her to the back. She had some of her own raunchy tension built up from all the weeks of flirting with james and she let it all out.

Pornstar: Shay