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Movie description: Valerye is a mommy i've had my eye on for quite some time. That babe goes to this gym i always go to for hunting purposes. We all know i'm not the sort to workout and my biggest gut would let u know this if you had some doubt. I always thought she was sweet and kept checking to watch if she would finally lose the weight and get into my comfortable hunting range. About six months into my recon she finally had lost 40 pounds and by then i had laid the ground work to tag and bag her. I asked her about her outstanding weight loss and how she accomplished it. She mentioned juicing and i set up a little get jointly with her and i. She would bring the fruits and veggies and i'd buy the juicer. We became diet buddies and she was excited to have somebody assist her stay on task. One time she gotta my place with the fruits and veggies i realized she might have been hunting me this entire time. She showed up in a skin taut cat costume and looked astounding. I banged her all over my kitchen and gave her some of my protein shake. I guess we are gonna help every other tremendously. Then anew, with my slothful, corpulent ass hole, i dont think it will final likewise lengthy.

Pornstar: Valerye