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Movie description: Jordan and jimmy came home trashed. It's a miracle they made it home in one piece. Jordan drove, but was in no position to drive himself home. Jimmy said. It was kewl for him to spend the nite in his guest room. Some drunk directions down the hall and jordan was left to himself. Jimmy crashed in his bedroom. Jordan unkowingly ended up in jimmys moms room. Devon was reading in couch when jordan stumbled in. After finding out the boys were drinking, Devon was raging. That babe decided to train jordan a lesson and have him undress his garments off and learn how to chase some rules. She sucked on his shlong as this guy was worried that jimmy would wake up. That in a short time passed as Devon made him take up with the tongue not merely her vagina but her arse also. That led to some steamy sex action. Her biggest natural zeppelins and biggest round bubble booty ass were awesome to see receive drilled. Jordan sure learned his lesson. Not at any time ask questions and do as u are told. Have a fun.

Pornstar: Devon Lee