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Movie description: Mr. E made a bet with Toni and won. The deal was, whoever won would receive treated to a shopping spree. The entire spree was cut short when they met Juliana at the 1st commercial center we went to. E whipped out his spanish as in a short time as that guy realized Juliana didn't speak english likewise ok. It paid off in spades. That babe was so impressed by his charisma, ability to speak spanish and truly turned on by how wild Toni and e were to her. E sealed the deal, she closed up commercial center and took a lengthy lunch break. What was on the menu u ask? Mr. E and Toni certainly. Eenie, meanie, heiny ho. He got a 2 for one specific and they the one and the other had a smorgasbord of wazoo, love bubbles and snatch.

Pornstar: Juliana, Toni