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Movie description: Levi and i were just minding our business walking along beach side, not even actively milfhunting, when a limo pulled along beside us and a boy clothed in a tux came out and offered up his wife to levi. We one as well as the other thought it was a practical joke either of us was playing on one some other but this chab was damn serious. He introduced himself and his wife, Stepphanie. It seemed this babe wanted one final fling previous to tying the knot and this sorry sap was greater quantity than ready to give it to her. Smth he would in a short time regret. Levi put it on her hard and fast and made her forget all about her nuptial ceremony which she was almost certainly late for. That poor schmuck got exactly what he deserved and now he has to think about his mama bride's face overspread in hunter gook when he leans in for the kiss at the end of the vows.

Pornstar: Stepphanie