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Movie description: Levi dragged me to a flea market to discuss his acquire rich quick scheme of selling high end shoes which this guy will be able to get at a five finger discount and then sell 'em at a super reduced price in a booth at the flea market. We were going back and forth coz i indeed didn't watch how it would work in such a shit place, but then we saw a hot brit, vallerie shopping for some luggage. He explained how this babe exemplified the kind of clientele he was targeting and right in the midst of breaking it down, he absolutely lost focus and switched into bawdy cleft hunt mode. He swooped in like a vulture scavenging for its next meal and bagged her in record time. She was a bit coy but he picked up on the fact she was trying, miserably mind u, to have fun hard to get. He played along and typed his address and phone number into her phone. Wham bam thank you ma'am and she went and cleaned up. Levi tapped that mamma a-hole so hard she was tuckered out and just fell asleep during the time that levi showered. No thing like a british accent on a wicked milf.

Pornstar: Valerie Fox