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Movie description: I was hanging out with my girlfriend and her pal that babe met in her yoga class named crysstal. She confessed to us how hard it has been to begin dating once greater amount after having a kid and being with the same guy for so lengthy. Italsodid not assist much being as intimidating as she's with that chiseled body and bigger than normal biceps. I knew levi would be just the lad to cheer her up and help her receive back into the swing of things, so i invited her to workout with us. Levi showed up late scarfing down a sundae from some fast food place and crysstal just now took control. She snatched the ice ball batter without his hand, threw it out and compulsory him to get serious. This chab needed a little motivation and crysstal was more than ready to oblige by smothering her taut puss right into his face during the time that he was doing some reps. Levi had a better idea on how they can workout jointly and rushed her over to his place for a super intensive fuck session.

Pornstar: Crystal