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Movie description: Ms. Sparxxx is a nymphomaniac, this babe can not control her raunchy desires out of the "anti-lust" pills that her son forget to pick up. This chab leaves hisfriendjon jon in the abode to go get his mama's particular medication with a remote control that has no batteries in it. Jon jon do not wanna miss the massive game on tv, he frantically searches the house but can't discover any until he reaches ms. Sparxxx's bedroom where he find her fast asleep in her daybed. He takes the risk to search her bedroom for some batteries. Fortunately, he find 'em in a big dark dildo. Vibrator. And, he too discovers the special medication that his friend needs to pick up. He suddenly realizes that this could be an opportunity to finally fuck a mama. He takes the batteries, returns to the living room and plays the waiting game. When ms. Sparxxx wakes up and searches the house for her batteries, she'll find him on the daybed with a real big black shlong with her name all over it.

Pornstar: Lisa Sparxxx