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Movie description: Carrmen was being tutored 'coz of her falling grades as a freshman in college. That babe was tasked to revise one of her papers and when her coach, danny, waltzed back into the room to check on her progress, this chab discovered her thumbing throughout a magazine and having an utter disregard for everything scholastic at all. She ignored him, treated him very rudely and was being a absolutely spoiled brat until danny mentioned he would tell her father all about it and let him deal with it. He was sure her father wouldn't be at all glad and that could quite possible effect her every week college allowance. Carrmen begged and pleaded for him to give her one more chance but danny would not relent. She finally offered him smth he couldn't refuse. Danny not solely made sure carrmen hit the books hard, but too hit that gazoo hard and fast. She not only secured his silence but also got danny to do all her homework as good.

Pornstar: Carmen Monet